Capturing Cities - Steven Wood

A collection of images that capture the feeling of being in a big and busy city though their use of movement, perspective, and color. 

This image fits the theme because of the use of curved lines in it to portray movement. It captures of a city is in a constant state of unrest and can be overwhelming to be in because of this
The perspective present in this piece is as if it was created to portray how it is to look out of a tall building in a city. The colors used in this piece show how alive some cities can feel through contrasting architecture and the presence of nature. The colors also create an exciting and energizing feeling that a city can have
This image fits the theme for similar reasons as the previous with the addition of the areal perspective on the city causing which makes it look kind of like a maze
This image fits the theme because of the color's chosen for it. The image captures one of the overall moods a city can have. A sort of calm when in a quieter area. The addition of curved lines here aid in portraying the subtle feeling of the motion that is still present in these areas.
The diagonal lines present in combination with the curved lines in a seemingly random but rhythmic pattern captures the sometimes overwhelming feeling of a city. It also captures how the look can be so drastic from building to building. One could be a plain rectangular sky scraper while the next could incorporate curving lines in it's architecture. It also captures the chaotic movement in a city though this.
The color scheme in this one captures how it feels in the city at night. The cool colors present are balanced out with splashes of warm colors like orange and yellow that are not present as much during the day. The contrasting colors give it the alive feeling that cities have at night
The paint strokes in this add a feeling of movement in the painting that can be related to the constant motion in the city. The color scheme also does a good job at capturing a cit as it tends to have more natural colors that are slightly leaning to being cool colors in it than bright splashes of warm colors.
The subtle use of movement in this piece that directs the viewer diagonally through the image and then suddenly changes to d perpendicular diagonal in combination with the simplicity of it creates the feeling of a maze that a city's setup can have
The perspective in this piece emphasizes the scale of a city. How the rails seem to go back endlessly and go into a curve at the end in combination with the atmospheric perspective causes this piece to feel as if it extends further than we can see in it, just like a city can feel endless when looking down a long road in it.
The movement present in this piece that is created by the chaos and randomness of the angles the buildings are at and their shapes creates a the chaotic feeling cities can have present in them
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