Jesus Christ in living scriptures

Jesus Christ being captured through artist renditions, and Gospel depictions.

Jesus is showing love to children and adults alike. This etching shows the love Jesus has for people, and how they loved him just as much.
In this etching you can see Jesus washing Peter's feet. This was in the Gospels of how humble Jesus was to his Apostles.
With this painting you can see Mary holding newborn baby Jesus. This loving nature shows how everyone adored the new Messiah, and was told within the New Testament.
In this oil painting, you can see Christ in the boat resting his body in faith, and the Apostles look in a panic not trusting the wild sea. This painting tells a story in the Gospels using movement.
Jesus is being crucified by being nailed and hung onto the cross. This is a depiction of the agony he suffered using movement, and the sadness from his mother.
This artist etching shows Jesus been given the "kiss of death" by Judas. I chose this rendering because of the life like presentation that has realistic view of how Jesus was betrayed.
The oil painting, is a good representation of Jesus being brought down from the cross. The details in the painting were made by movement with the dead body of Jesus with a great amount of suffering.
Jesus is seen to the viewer as being whipped from the crowd. The way Jesus spine is showing you can see the great amount of pain he endures from his lashings.
In this oil painting, Jesus is born, and the Shepherds show love with the "King of Kings" was born onto them. You can see movement within this picture with Mary and the Shepherds leaning over him.
In these registers you can witness the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The amount of movement is portrayed through every register, and telling the story as in the New Testament.
Credits: All media
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