A Dancers Body is a Form of Art in Itself

Martha Graham has inspired dancers from different generations and continues to aide dancers in modern and contemporary style dances. She broke traditional ballet rules and created her own that were very turning and ground breaking at the time. And we have a lot to thank her for. A dancer’s body is a form of art work in itself.
The Sleeping Beauty was a very moving ballet that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. It was very "ground breaking" in ballet because it wasn't your traditional ballet. Dancers were on the ground and some weren't wearing the proper ballet shoes. Part of me thinks that Graham got inspiration from this ballet.
Since Graham's teachings, dancers have been taking her ideas and transforming them into their own and it results in beautiful forms of artwork that will live on forever.
"Swan Lake" is and always will be an inspiration to dancers out there. Look at how abstract her body looks. She is dying yet; it is such a beautiful pose. Poses like this in ballet started creation for Graham to make into other movements.
So much emotion the two dancers are trying to tell us and how such a simple movement can look to beautiful to the onlookers of the dance. The body can do so much if you just move in different ways and gracefully or powerfully create different movements that will leave the audience in awe.
The photograph shows a dancer lunging the non-traditional way with her knee on the ground and she’s using her costume as part of the pose. Just spiraling in itself (What Martha loved to incorporate) ties the whole pose together and the costume holding is an amazing touch
Grahams work has gone all over the globe and been an inspiration to many. These dancers are all touching each other and using each other as one which is breath taking and can make or break a dance, it looks so abstract and so moving to others.
In traditional ballet, we were taught to always point our feet and turn them out and always have your chest up like this sculpture. Graham didn't believe in tradition, all of her dances had parallel feet and contracted stomachs and flexed feet which started a revolution that would scare the creators of ballet.
A picture paints a thousand words. A photo caught at the right moment is breathtaking and when you do a movement full out, no matter how big or small, it always looks amazing on a picture. This photo makes you as a lot of questions. What does this dance mean? Is he falling? Is he jumping? Is he trying to represent an animal? What emotion is he feeling?
This pose is a traditional ballet called coupe. It is still used today in a variety of dances from Ballet to Irish Folk. This is the traditional form of this pose. But with the help of Graham, we have taken this pose and have made it our own by using different hand movements, contractions, facing different directions, spiraling, etc. Dance is so revolutionary and an amazing art.
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