Works of art and architecture I would like to see in person

The Colosseum is considered one of ancient Rome's greatest feats. It is made of concrete and stone, and took only 8 years to build. It is an elliptical amphitheater that was capable of seating 50,000.
The Golden Gate Bridge was built between 1933 and 1937. It was originally 4200 feet long, but after multiple construction and repair projects it is now 8981 feet long.
The main cables are each made of 27572 galvanized steel wires. The bridge is painted International Orange because it compliments the natural surroundings and because it increases visibility in fog.
The skin of the Statue of Liberty is copper. It was originally shiny like a new penny, but has lost its shine and turned green over time. The statue is based on Lady Liberty and Columbia.
The One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet tall, a reference to the year our country was founded. It is 104 stories. The tower raises from a cube base up to the 20th floor.
At the 20th floor, the tower changes into eight isoceles triangles. It stands next to the September 11th memorial in New York City.
St. Basil's Cathedral is located in the exact center of Moscow. It is near the entrance to the Kremlin. Little is known about the Architect, but it was designed to resemble a bonfire reaching to heaven.
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