Smelted Through Centuries

The Medium of Bronze Sculpture changed throughout the centuries of time. Many areas around the world used the smelting craft of bronze to depict many forms of the body. Be that a religious piece or a scene within time. These statues are physical representations of the dynamic nature of art and culture. It will begin with religious figures within the early 13th century to scenic moments in time in the 19th. It becomes a grand venture of the shaped, carved, and smelted forms of bronze.

Kannon, a popularly worshiped Bodhisattva in Japan, had various depictions but was frequently represented as a religious figure in Buddhism. This piece is gilted bronze, casted from piece molds.
This Bodhisattva comes from the Chinese region during the Yuan Dynasty. It had many symbolic depictions and posed in an ease sense, the gilted bronze shows golden pigmentation than the previous piece.
This Buddha's depiction follows the emergence of the Sukhothai as an independent kingdom. It is made of leaded bronze with lacquer and gilding over its surface.
This sculpture does not have details about its history, but can be determined it was created during the High Renaissance. The Bronze is dark and subject matter deviates away from religious aspects.
The bust is identified as Cleopatra, a figure in the times of Egyptians. The bust shows a gilded snake crown upon her head, which references her being bitten by a poisonous snake to commit suicide.
This was the artist's first independent piece and gained much success. It's Gilted bronze with silver, of Diana. This particular piece is unique for being the Academy’s only cast with silver to exist.
A small bronze statuette that depicts the relationship between a brother and a sister. This bronze piece shows the artist’s influences from the Rococo period with it’s gentle, playful nature.
Edouard Drouot did his studies in Paris. While the figures and form in this statue shows a very dynamic scene, it was enjoyed greatly in the Realism period.
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