Emotion Through Street

This compilation of various street art inspires a wide range of human emotional responses, not only expressed through the art itself but through the viewers interpretation of each piece of art and their personal association to the expressed emotion. Emotions are universal in which all human beings are capable of feeling and expressing emotions to themself and to others. This exhibit furthers this notion by utilizing street art found around the world. Street art can be seen within every country and city as artists express themselves by using a variety of canvases found in everyday life ranging from fences, the face of a buildings, bridges, anywhere really. Anxiety & Pain Relief (2012) by Bastardilla - This mural painting is found on a fence in Amsterdam. In life we sometimes feel anxious or hurt, this artist is trying to express a solution to this issue. A simple band aid to the affected area has the capability to change a persons mood. The bandaid in this art is of course a metaphor in which if you cover up the pain, then it is no longer there.   Untitled (2011) by Migual Januario - This work is found in Rua Chao do Loureiro, Lisbon at the Galeria de Arte Urbana. The art is meant to express the positive affect of diversity among ethnicities within cities. It equates the importance of multiculturalism around the world.   Large Mural (2013) by C215 - This large-scale mural is located at the Boulevard de Stalinggrad, Paris. This mural has the capability to evoke a variance of personal responses in people. The figure is looking down which can symbolize safety and security; however, it could also express a sense of higher power. The figure seems to be staring with a blank emotion, emphasizing dishearten. Untitled (2011) by Benjamin Matienzo - This graffiti is found in Buenos Aires. It features the Joker off the Batman series. The joker was seen as a sociopath who was introduced to torment Batman. The Joker would use a coin to decide the outcome of his victims. This method was meant to reflect humans inability to face situations. The artist in this image is using the Jokers hard facial qualities to express anger and hostility, which everyone has expressed in their lifetime. This symbol could convey to its viewers the need to deal with situations as they come at you. Untitled (2010) by Sten Lex - This work found in Rome, Italy in the Street Art Rome Collection. This large-scale mural along a city building depicts 6 human figures ranging in age expressing the same emotion. This portrait style graffiti emphasizes the human emotional response found throughout life. These selected images relate to course themes by being visual cultures found in everyday life. They inform global circulation of ideas, information, and politics found within the world. They engage viewers by allowing them to create meaning and interpellate meaning within the art. They can draw meaning from associations found within things we see in movies or other forms of art such as tattoos. As they are located in towns and within public eyes they allow viewers to engage in social practices. This contemporary art form is produced within dynamics of social and ideological practices that generate meaning through the work itself and where they are placed by the creator. This form of art has the capacity to impact viewers depending on the cultural codes or shared concepts concerning what makes an image visually appealing to the viewer. This exhibit offers a form of realism in the form of diverse human emotions. This exhibit extends contemporary art to the widest range of public, establishing a strong cross-cultural relationship between art and public spaces, and making art and culture accessible to all.    

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