C.Hazal Malkoc-FA 371

Romanticism can be associated with the return to nature, therefore landscape painting is the best example for this movement.Because nature was the real reason behind the Romanticism, Dream of Arcadia is a depiction of a simple rural life. It creates a sense that happily united people with a silent company of nature ,continues their life without any problems.
Because being a member of Realism ,landscapes,still life,nature become his basic subject in his artworks.Therefore being perfect is not related with his thoughts,he generally wants to reflect his direct observations by portraying all aspects of the nature, especially the harsh ones, without hiding them,like the deer in this painting, which run from his hunter in order not to be hunted probably .
In cubist works objects are seen as if they are not straight,they are like broken in an abstract form and sense, therefore, the subject of the work gains different viewpoints because of being depicted by different angles of it and the background, other objects and subject intertwine , like the guitar, musical note and the little harp.
This work is belongs the French Impressionist Claude Monet. It shows us a black magpie sitting on a fence while the sunlight shines towards the snow by creating gray shadows.Shadow becomes the main element of the painting,even realizing the magpie is not easy because of the use of it.The reason behind this can be its being important for Impressionists ,in this movement shadows are not portrayed only with blacks,they have different colors and tones as a result of the sun's condition in the sky.
Dramatic sense is important for the neoclassical art style for the depiction of the classical scenes. In this painting, women are symbolized while they are weeping behind men. Moreover men are painted as straight like the columns of the palace, while women are depicted sitting without strength . We can't see any brushstrokes as a feature of the movement in order to show that the painting isn't important than the scene which it depicts.
Even though she is famous for her self portraits, her painting The Bus has a different concept, it represents a few minutes before the accident which affected her health.Her use of bright and warm colors can be seen as the effect of Mexican tradition.Also the concept of surprising juxtaposition of surrealism can be seen in her paintings.
The reason why pop art is one of the widely used techniques in art even today is probably its being created in these decades.Mass culture is the base element of it and this is why pop art is mostly used in advertising.Even though I am accustomed to more colorful examples of it,such as paintings which contain red,yellow and blue,colors with brightness,this creates the same effect with its drawing style ,Actually his Drowning Girl,which is on display at the Museum of Modern Art, is my favorite piece of work,like some other works it is not here.
Example of abstract expressionism. This movement tries to achieve more abstract form,or style. It is imageless, no need for real world figures,therefore it can be seen as the bunch of different colors on the material, in this way artists explains their feeling and emotions,even it can be seen by others it is accidentally made.
Renaissance painter Bellini's this work is different from all other depictions of angels,therefore I chose this painting with the aid of its colorful angels over the clouds. He uses divine figures in a natural setting and symbolism, such as clouds, but his use of colors is the most striking part of his painting to me.
An example of Post Impressionism,he depicts people in a dance hall with their natural acts. He generally paints crowded places, but he uses individual silhouettes to show the individuality
Being a major figure of Expressionism,his major works contain of animal figures in the nature.His use of colors is meaningful in his works, because he makes a connection between the colors and the feelings that they can trigger.Therefore,he uses red for wildness, for violence and making a connection between a fox and its being wild or violent seems so suitable for me.
He uses mannerist style in his paintings with his use of dramatic figures and gestures. He shows all the happening around the table. He highlights the light and the movement in the painting,at the same time with dramatizing the scene.
Rubens is an example of Baroque style, he is famous for his landscapes,portraits,and paintings that include historical or mythological aspects.This is one of his portraits that he painted in Genoa.It represents the elements of this style which can be listed as dramatic use of light,feelings and history .Also,his being fond of full figured women paintings create some terms like Rubensian and Rubenesque for "plus sized women" to mark out such women, in this way his using women figure in his paintings is important for this reason.
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