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Our Mission at Happiness Factor Publishing is to help each one of our readers to achieve their own "happiness factor." This level of happiness represents complete content in work, family, and love life. For this reason, our publishing company provides a wide range of books that exemplify different means to achieve the happiness factor. 

WORKING Americans find themselves stuck in a relentless routine of fatigue, stress, and pressure. And for what reason? Because of WORK. This self-help book seeks to inspire hard-working Americans to truly reflect on their work life. With this book, gain retrospect on whether happiness correlates with your job. Based on true stories, hear the voices of countless dedicated workers on how they cope with their jobs. From ex-hockey player Eric Nesterenko to car salesman Johnny Bosworth, tap into the minds of these people who are just like you to gather insight on how you TOO can be happy. If you are not happy with your job anymore, let Terkel's characters inspire you to make a major change in your life. Take risks in order to seek happiness in work. "I like my work. I have to like it, I must like it. Otherwise I'd be miserable. It's not what I'd like most to do, but I like it If you're not happy, you can't sell."-Johnny Bosworth Delve deep into these characters passions and hopes in order to seek out your own.
The Histories Do you ever feel like your life is passing by without a second thought? Does the overwhelming stress of family, social life, and career cloud your mind? In this modern age, the need for observation seems obsolete since technology erases the desire to yearn for discoveries. Technology also abolishes privacy and mystery, so people feel less inclined to observe the world around them. As a result, people feel despondent and unhappy due to the lack of intrigue occurring in their lives. So that is why Herodotus' views on the world acts as the basis for this self-help book. With Herodotus' guidance, uncover how to study the surrounding world in order to grow your mind. Growing and exercising the mind will then free your thoughts from negative energies from family, friends, and work and will open up your mind to happiness. Herodotus dedicated his time to study geography, nations, cultures, various plants, and mythical origins. For this reason, this book provides tips on how to examine your surroundings, whether that may be a bustling city or a quiet farmland. Wherever you are, there is always something to discover. The more you discover and take note of, the more your mind is being released from stress. Using Herodotus' tactics are guaranteed to change how you view the world in order to make space for happiness. “Happiness is not fame or riches or heroic virtues, but a state that will inspire posterity to think in reflecting upon our life, that it was the life they would wish to live.”
Empathy Exams In today's day and age, the endless attachment to technology and devices has made communicating with each other more difficult than ever. Yes, you can hear what people are saying, but do you truly listen? When people tell you their problems, do you sympathize with them? As our civilization advances in technology, our firm understanding of human interaction diminishes. Leslie Jamison tackles this issue in her self-help book The Empathy Exams. From the narrator's point of view as a medical actor, notice how she defines empathy. "Empathy means acknowledging a horizon of context that extends perpetually beyond what you can see." In this remarkable work, she entails the importance of empathy and how it direct correlates with happiness. By the end of your journey, not only will you have captured a firm understanding of others, but you will feel wholesome about yourself, arousing happiness within yourself. This book breaks down the complexities of empathy. Empathy is asking questions whose answers need to be listened to. Empathy depends on inquiry as much as imagination. Empathy requires knowing nothing. These are only a few points out of the many that Jamison makes to reiterate how having empathy contributes to happiness.
Mina Loy Manifesto Even in the 21st century, women feel pigeonholed into two classes: the mistress and the mother. Abolish these stereotypes and acquire confidence in yourself by reading this book, and along the way, happiness will be aroused within yourself. Other self-help books offer advice on how to be confident, but this book is unique because it combines important feminist statements and happiness, which coincides with confidence. With this book, let your insecurities about appearance, self-worth, and relationships melt away. "The desire for comfortable protection instead of an intelligent curiosity & courage in meeting & resisting the pressure of life sex or so called love must be reduced to its initial element, honor, grief sentimentality, pride & consequently jealousy must be detached from it." Upon completion, you will discover how to: -Eliminate insecurities on physical appearance, relationships, and self-worth -Seek for equality among men and women -Feel confident and break stereotypes put in place by previous generations Overall, these qualities will altogether rouse a sense of happiness among yourself.
The Most Human Human In today's society, a vast number of Americans find themselves hooked to their devices, whether that may be their phones or their computers. That brings about a struggle of deciphering what is real life and what is fake. With that being said, this self-help book targets audiences who feel empty in their daily lives as technology controls their happiness and as the basic foundation of communication becomes unstable. If this sounds like you, read this book to learn tactics on how to communicate as a genuine human being. Qualities like intuition, communication, and empathy will be restored as your reliance on devices diminish. Draw insight by reading transcripts of old Turing tests to uncover what sets humans apart from computers in order to find your happiness again. "Beyond its use as a technological benchmark, beyond even the philosophical, biological, and moral questions it poses, the Turing test is, at bottom, about the act of communication." This book is unique because not only does it reteach methods on how to communicate with others, its ultimate goal is to rooted in finding happiness in conversations again. Don't let technology distract from enjoying human interaction. Rediscover what it feels like to have empathy.
The Nature of Things For the first time ever, combine the logic of science with the feeling of bliss with this self-help book! Under Lucretius' guidance, reach a state of ataraxia and complete happiness. Ataraxia is defined as freedom from stress and worry. In this book, Lucretius offers his wisdom on varying topics, whether it is banishing fear of death or enriching the mind; he leaves no topic untouched. This book is filled with lessons that resonate with audiences, because all testimonials rave about Lucretius' successful techniques on gaining a lifetime of happiness. With this book, realize that the mind is more essential to life than soul. "First, then, I say, the mind which oft we call The intellect, wherein is seated life's Counsel and regimen, is part no less Of man than hand and foot and eyes are parts Of one whole breathing creature." For this reason, Lucretius suggests exercising the mind in order to seek ataraxia. Eliminate fear of death by abolishing the idea of divine agency. The belief in gods derives from evil consequences and property. One must understand that ultimately, the gods cannot control your fate and happiness. YOU are in control of your destiny and well-being.
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