My exhibition is about the different landscape's we have on earth. I chose landscape because one day I want to just travel and see everything that I possibly can. I've personally tried to paint pictures like these in my exhibition, and that didn't turn out that good. So I know how great all of these artist are to make these paintings look so good.

In this painting Albert used oil as you can tell from the painting if you know about the different medium's in art. I chose this painting because it's very detailed from the waterfall to the mountains
I chose this painting because it's a very old painting, and I like old paintings better than new ones. I also like how Camille basically used blue, white, and green to make an amazing painting.
I basically chose this one because it reminded me of the Lion King. That's the beauty of art. I think this is my favorite because the detail in this painting is crazy. I like the sun in the background
Although this painting isn't technically "landscape", it's still pretty cool how the artist was able to put the boats through the waves and make everything blend in so well.
I liked this painting because it made me think about the old days, and it makes me realize how far we've come from then. My favorite part is the ships that they made look so real.
I chose "Rape of Europa" as a painting because not only does the landscape set you free, but there is a story behind it that not to many people know about.
This paining is similar to "Rape of Europa", but just by a different artist. If you haven't noticed by now I'm kind of fascinated by the whole story.
I like how the sun and moon are both out and how the rock is just in the middle. I actually chose this painting for my exhibit because it looked really cool and I like the dark vague side to it.
This painting reminded of my home that's not at college. Where I from it looks like this paining, and seeing the cows drink from the water and the dry landscape brought me some good memories.
This painting reminded me of a rainforest and the Rambo movies. I like seeing the tropical landscape because it's different, but it shows me just how big earth really is.
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