Cold Color Gallery

Artwork that uses cold colors

Fuji is a very tall mountain, representing Japan and often covered in snow. The cold blue ish violet color represents this high and lofty mountain well.
Though these shapes don't seem to match at first glance, the colors and shapes actually fit pretty well. It reminds me of detective shows, where things are shown a little at a time.
Michael is an angel, apart from human flaws. Here, he is surrounded by a cold light, killing the sinners who are crying out in hot pain.
This painting has darkness, it emphasizes the girl's sadness.
This picture is vibrant with colors and people. They all seem to match, enjoying a nice shady afternoon.
This one's pretty cool. The purple is a cold shade surrounded by a cold light. The old woman is struggling up the stairs but the man at the top is too occupied with technology to help.
Very pretty, smooth shapes and colors to represent a goddess of some sort
Though the lines, shapes and colors seem somewhat blocky and smooth, it conveys the feeling of modern women.
I like the poles
Sometime during the year, you would pass a whole field covered with wildflowers and it would be beautiful.
A very famous painting, it used a new style of painting with little dashes to create a feeling of flow.
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