Relationship Between Color and Emotion

Within this gallery I have posted some pieces of art that I believe show some relationship between the color and emotion we perceive. Many color schemes are used in order to enhance the emotion the artist wishes to portray, but some paintings do the opposite and yet are still magnificent.

This piece portrays a young girl walking out of the tall brush holding a pumpkin. The colors around the girl are quite vibrant and beautiful while the mood is somewhat dull and uncomfortable.
Within this piece we see beautiful women in a bath house. The colors are limited to shades of blue to white and create a wistful feeling. This can seem almost nostalgic for today's generation.
This piece shows the timeline of a war and the devastation it brings. The chiaroscuro used in this piece pushes us to feel more strongly about it than we would without it. The contrast intensifies it.
This artwork portrays a gathering to celebrate. While the people seem giddy with joy and frolicking around, the colors and intensity aren't so vibrant. It makes us feel that it may not be so happy.
For this artwork, we see a landscape of mountains and a rainbow. To see this in person would bring about a lightheartedness, but in this it isn't so. The colors have lack of saturation.
This is a still life of a bouquet. While the flowers are vibrant and beautiful, the use of chiaroscuro creates a sense of dread. It gives off the sense that even beauty dies.
This shows what looks like ancient architecture. The contrast of whites, neutrals, and black makes this piece feel calming. We can relate this to the yin-yang which makes it feel balanced.
This painting shows a blessing being passed. The use of chiaroscuro in this piece pulls our eyes to the subject. The colors are warm and inviting. We feel accepted and comfortable.
This piece portrays a winter day in town. It uses a variation of whites, neutrals, and blacks, and feels a bit lonely. The events taking place however, seem social and joyful.
Within this we see the portrayal of music. The black could be seen as the notes played and the color is the style in which it was played. We can assume the faded marks are anticipated upcoming notes.
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