Types of Lines throughout art

Finding interesting and beautiful pieces of artwork that have unique and unusual lines.

This piece of artwork, in my opinion, is the perfect example of foreground, middle ground, and background. You can easily see where the foreground is due to the use of horizontal lines. Being able to see where the middle ground and background, using this theory is not the easiest thing to do because they both involve lines going in every direction to create this piece in front of you.
This piece of art has thick and thin lines. The lines that are thick help outline objects(the boat and the people) and make them stand out from the rest of the drawing. The thick lines also hep you see where the foreground is. The thickness of the lines diminishes as you look towards the far away background.
This piece of art looks elegant and mystical. The lines that create the sky make the scene look mystical, magical even. The shadows on the rocks of Stonehenge give them dimension and the ability to be taken out of the painting.
This piece of artwork has a unique technique going on when you look at the lines. Near the bottom to the metal-like band, the lines look like they're having to climb as fast as they can to reach the top. I think this because the lines above the band look more calm and beautiful, instead of aggressive and jagged, like cliffs.
This artwork as thick, thin, diagonal, and other types of lines. These lines imply space, dimension, and movement. For example, the lines within the stream, give the illusion that the water is moving.
This piece of artwork might look like graffiti to some people but to me, it looks like abstract art. What I like about this piece of artwork is that even though it's only made of lines, they aren't going in the direction as each other. They are all different, which makes it look beautiful and unique.
This piece of artwork has dimension. The type of lines used to draw the pear and letting you see a little bit of the other side that you can't see give it the dimension. The artist did not give the dimension to the fly, caterpillar, or the centipede; which is why they look flat compared to the pear.
This piece of artwork has dimension from the thick lines used to create the trees that line the path. The way that the trees are placed, give depth. It looks you could almost walk into the painting and walk down that path to the unknown destination.
This piece of artwork has so many intricate designs. Even with all the lines, there is space implied because you can imagine all the space behind the design. All the color gives the artwork emphasis.
This piece of artwork has thick and thin lines that imply dimension. An example of this is the flower and how you can see the shadow behind the flower, almost like it's floating above the paper.
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