nature of the earth  Morgan and Lara. We chose this theme because nature is all around theme because in the world there are so many kinds of nature surrounding us. Nature can be demonstrated in so many different ways. We thought thought it would be interesting to look at the different ways artists produce paintings of nature. We've learned even more all the elements and principles of art. 

This painting is a sun's rays kissing the oceans blue water.
This is an amazing sculpture of winding branches and seashells that are found in nature.
This painting is of lots of different animals by a stream, being cared for by people. It is full of lots of things found in nature.
This picture of a beautiful landscape in Africa, with a stream,
This piece is a picture of the snowy city with lots of trees and snow surrounding it. Nature is the snow swirling around the person outside.
This painting is a picture of a wonderful scene of a beautiful starry night above a city surrounded by nature
Credits: All media
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