The finest kings (Keddon Campbell)

"The Finest Kings" is a gallery of some of the most leaders of the 16th and 17th century. This gallery highlights the postures and gestures used to identify those individual of that time. This gallery goes into details about how the figure is depicted and what commonalities they share that makes them "Kingly" or "King-like". This is mostly through the use of specific colors and textures and Items that signify their authority.

A portrait of Louis Xiv. A stoic pose. The mix of both lugubrious robes and armor along with his helmet and crown on the table. And the excessive use of gold on foreground and background objects.
A portrait of King Henry VIII. A front facing portrait with strong shoulders. Thick robes with detailed embroidery on the arms. Excessive use of pearls and gems on hat and robe. The use of Gold colors
A portrait of King Alonso V. The placement of his crown on the table and the golden hilt of his sword in his hand. Detailed use of Gold around his wrist, belt, collar and drapes in the background.
A portrait of a Christian Knight - King. A stoic pose on the horse. Both him and the horse are dressed in Gold and Red wears. He is also being showered with petals.
This image is of Louis XIV. He is dressed in well-detailed robes of blue and gold. His horse is also wearing gold plates. The use of angels to signify his significance.
This is King Charles II. He is depicted wearing luxurious wears of red and white. More use of red to signify his significance to the church and his crown on the table.
This is Charles Stewart. Dressed in red white and Gold. Carrying a Gold-hilted sword. These colors represent great significance to the church and the boy behind him carries both robe and crown.
This is Philip V, King of Spain. He is surrounded by luxurious fabrics of Blue , Gold, and Reds. He carries his sword to his left and his crown on the right. Unusual use of Black, however.
This is Gustav III, King of Sweden. Lavished in luxurious fabrics of Red, Blue, and Gold. Suprizingly, instead of a crown, he has a hat with gems embedded in it on the table.
This is The King Governs by Himself, by Charles Le Brun. This depicts a king in the center of the frame with a magical GOLDED sword. Dressed in golden armor and seems to be speaking with angels.
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