Patterns in street art

Paintings in the streets that show abstract patterns used to create pieces of art through different mediums found on the streets. Created by Carlos Porras.

This painting by Btoy depicts a portrait of a woman staring into the abyss. I chose this painting because of the patterns used to create her dark flowing hair. Which could be blowing in the wind.
This piece of artwork from Alaniz depicts a rock that has flowers growing from it with what seems to be clouds around the rock making it seem tall in the sky the patterns in the rock make it standout.
This painting of Gogh Van Cruiff by Uriginal shows what looks like a modern day Van Gogh. The patterns of shapes used to create the facial features and beard are what made this stand out to me.
This painting by Alaniz shows a women cradling a baby sheep holding it close. The use of the pre existing pattern on the wall really give this painting some depth and help with the contrast of shades of grey.
I really enjoy looking at this painting by Btoy the patterns used to create what i assume is clothes and hair are very abstract and fun.The different colors create a pattern that cover the boys body, as he stairs intently.
This painting created by Stinkfish shows a kid staring into the distance with a look of concern. i choose this to add to my gallery because of the different patterns which seem to consume the young child's face throughout the painting.
I can't quite make out everything is this painting but that is also what makes me love it, it makes you think. And it is entirely made out of different patterns to create one image. It was painted by Kenor and is a great piece of street art.
This painting by El Chico Iwana shows a women with a owl on her shoulder and another character mostly hidden by a hat. I chose this painting because in the patterns in the hat and umbrella are great details.
Fertility is the name of this painting by Skount and the amount of detail in this painting is fantastic. I chose it because of all of the different patterns running throughout this painting to create the clothes the character is wearing.
This painting was created by H101 and depicts what seems to be a pyramid or temple created out of different shapes and patterns. I love all the colors used as well as the abstract patterns. I think it is a nice painting over the brick wall.
Credits: All media
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