Joy in all We do

I chose these portraits to describe the different forms of happiness one can have. We should all find happiness no matter how tough the world gets. In these portraits I selected different aspects in life where people are happy. Some portraits diminstrate happiness in solitude, while others are having fellowship. 

There's nothing like childhood happiness. Everything is one great adventure.
We all enjoy parties, especially out doors. Fellow companionship makes the day move rapidly.
We find joy in little things such as life's test. There isn't anything to compare a 100 on a test with.
Being swaddled in your mother's arms, ahhh what a great feeling!
Bestfriends only share food, the best feeling in the world is to have a full belly
One thing about music,when it hits you, you feel no pain -Bob Marley
An easy mind escape, dancing all night with the one you love in your arms.
Finding joy with one's self comes with maturity, looks like she's found it.
Credits: All media
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