Exploring Color

This piece uses three basic shapes and five colors to create this abstract piece. The colors go with my other pieces in the gallery.
This piece is one of my favorites because it uses colors to help flatten yet add dimension to the shapes to create the waterfall.
This piece uses a monet piece in the window which is pretty cool but also visually creates this open living room space using vibrant colors.
By using flat colors and shapes the artist depicts a soldier raping the peasant woman in the field.
This piece has strong vibrant colors such as the reds and yellows at the bottom of the piece and has calming colors to balance it out such as the greens and blues on the top.
This piece mostly uses dull browns throughout the whole piece but adds touches of colors here and there such as the yellow, orange, and blue hills.
This piece goes with the exhibit because of the fact of how many colors he uses to depict the sunset over the water.
This piece uses all the fall colors such as oranges, yellows, reds, and greens, to create the mountain landscape.
Even though this piece doesn't use many different colors it uses a wide spectrum of pinks and blues to create such clouds.
Van Gough uses bright vivid colors to depict Irises.
This piece uses a wide variety of browns to create Gully at Low Tide.
This piece goes with the exhibit because of his usage of the color red.
This piece uses very soft pointillism of color to create the port.
This piece is an abstract piece that uses only five plain colors.
This piece uses soft earthy colors to create a calming landscape but adds a touch of red to invoke feelings of passion.
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