at Sea

This gallery includes mainly Oils on canvas of various types of Marine art/ Seascapes with ships and some of just the sea. The paintings depict anything from calm seas, raging seas, to seas that are about to host battles.                                                                       Gallery created by:  Jeremy Long

You can see multiple vessels at port in the sea. Some leaving, some are coming in. The timing appears to be dusk and the weather is acceptable as the sea appears to be fairly calm.
Sunrise depicts what appears to be a port as there are multiple vessels near each other. The timing is clearly sunrise as you can see in the background and the overall feel is as it is early morning.
This piece depicts war ships at sea in China. The time of day appears to be morning to early afternoon. The sea is calm while the ships are getting into position.
You can see here what appears to be war ships out at sea close to shore. The day appears to possibly be a stormy day as the sea is raging. It's easy to imagine the ships are unable to remain still.
Study of waves is an image of choppy waves at what appears to be possibly early morning. The roughness of the waves is what stands out in this painting.
This is a picture of battle. The sea is hosting a battle between ships. You can sea the calmness of the sea except for where the ships are raging against each other.
This piece depicts multiple fishing boats out at sea. The sea appears to be very calm. You're able to see the calmness with all the space between the ships.
Shipping in a Choppy Sea depicts exactly as it is entitled. You clearly see ships out in a very rough sea. The waves crashing and rocking the boats is very easy to notice.
You are able to see here, although there are no boats, the sea os very rough. You can see the details in the waves as they break in multiple directions. You can also see in the sky it appears the clouds are broken up as if there is wind.
Ships on a Stormy Sea depicts ships out at sea during a storm causing very rough waters. You're immediately drawn to the high waves breaking in every direction and the ships almost sideways. This painting shows the power of a stormy sea.
Credits: All media
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