A time of love, birth, sex, and 3D put together to show a beauty of exhibition of artwork skillfully created to work more than the visual senses of the human body.

The birth of Venus gives us a look into the originating story of Greek Mythology retold of the goddess Venus. Here you can see how during the 14th through 17th century, the birth of a culture called the Italian Renaissance. This was the time of great comfort of sexuality and descriptions of women are told. Look at the details of art work used to describe a story of the birth of Venus the goddess of love, sex, and beauty. This was the greatest time to paint the image of love during the season of love in that time. The art work is tempera on panel painting.
The Annunciation has become a painting that has grown on me. I like this painting a lot because it shows a strong sense of colors which feel like it's popping out at you. The painting has a sharp contrast showing much definition in each image. This type of painting is oil on wood where different types of oils are used to create the different colors. Depending on the oil types or mixture of resin can determine the amount of gloss and or hue in a painting. Also if you look closely it also shows the symbolization of the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The Anointment of David was painted during the 1550-1560 also a part of the Italian Renaissance. Besides the time of love Christianity was extremely popular and depicted in many paintings. In this painting we can take a scripture or two from the books of 1 Samuel 16:12-13. The type of painting looks like oil painting. The hues in the paintings are of resemblance of oil painting which in those times were very popular.
This image shows the beginning the making of a historical building that can be seen today in Washington D.C. It is the shell but also a magnificent piece of architecture work giving details of what the finish product will be. The image is captured just above the top sector of the building giving a look of the raw interior. It was photographed using the gelatin silver techniques as well as the POP technique providing the shading a different degrees of exposure during the development of images to specialized printing paper.
Diorama 22 is a unique type of artwork. It took me to look up "what is diorama" to understand the style of artwork being used. I really thought this was a type of painting but honestly it's figures and made up structures to create a 3D like image to tell a story or create a scene. The colors are combined nicely complementing the other within the scene but stills pops out at you. This is a form of art work that takes your senses on a ride creating sound and motion from within.
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