Still Life

I have neither given nor recived any unaurthouized aid on this work.

The light yellow flowers and bowl of fruit contrasts against the dark background, making the flowers the subject of the artwork.
The rabbit's fur is simulated texture. The texture is created by thin light and dark lines on the fur of the rabbit, making it look like fur.
The colors in this art piece are muted to express a feeling of being forlorn and lonely.
The mood of this piece is dark because all of the colors are dark. I think that the somke in the background also contributed to the mood.
Everything looks peaceful in this artwork. The main point of intrest of this piece would be the windmill because it dominates the middle ground, is bigger than the cows in the foreground, and breaks up the horizon line.
The flowers, the main focus of this piece, contrasts against the grey river because of the flower's color.
The main focus of this art piece is the Man and his camel because there is not much else.
Credits: All media
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