10 photos of the holocaust

Graciela Gurrola p.6th 5-9-16

This is a photo Of Germans burning non-German books. They burned over 25,000 volumes of books.
This is a birth certificate of someone who was wanting to get out of a Nazi country. False birth certificates were quite popular in some way.
Prisoners were gathered every morning to do attendance. Some would stand for hours.
Here is a Jewish man getting his nosed measured. Nazis would measure body features to determine your race.
This is a police rain in 1933. They gathered Jews and others into cars.
This is how the Jews or other people taken as prisoners would be transported to their final destination. They were put into small box cars.
The lettering on their four arm is their identification. They were not called by the names they were given at birth but by the numbers the Nazis gave them.
This is the tin cans where the inmates food were being served. Even though they weren't as sanitary as most people would like, they still had to eat from them.
These are the bodies of many inmates that were in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. This is a mass grave.
The image is of a male bunker. The men in this photo are very malnourished.
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