"The Ambassadors" is a fantastic example of the use of texture in art. By examining the detail of the fur and beards, one can easily tell the effect of texture has to make this possible.
By merely taking a look at the baby's skin and the wallpaper on the wall, one can observe the amount of attention that went into the texture of this piece.
Another good example of the use of texture in fabrics. The wrinkles and folds in the red dress really accentuate the properties of the fabric.
This is an example of texture being used on fur. The viewer can really see how the hare's fur flows and feels by utilizing texture.
A fairly simple painting. However this doesn't stop it from possessing a great amount of depth and texture -- looking at the rim of the container and the actual flower leafs this will prove this.
Wow! An absolutely shocking amount of detail in what actually appears to be a photograph. The texture put into this painting really accentuates the detail on the car and environment.
Again, a terrific example of texture in fabrics, however it doesn't stop there. Looking at the pillars and walls to the right, one can acknowledge the texture used to achieve the effect.
Almost photographic. The first thing that most people are probably drawn to is that marvelous beard. Obviously a fantastic amount of texture went into this and the fabric. Great attention to shadows.
One look at those clouds, and a CLOSE look at that sun is jaw-dropping. This landscape painting is oozing with texture-goodiness.
One has to wonder how the mountains can show so much depth in this picture. By the use of texture of course! The vegetation is also very pleasing to observe. Another fantastic example of texture.
Wow! A very fascinating use of texture. Upon further inspection -- zooming in to the piece you can see the amount of (what appears to be) marbles used to actually create this piece creating texture.
An immense amount of detail went into this piece. Just one close look at the carpet, walls, hair, and fur will give this away. Again -- a fantastic use of texture by examining these aspects.
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