wk02 typography

한글 and any other character

There are various styles of font. We can differently feel each fonts. Most of these are freely written like scribble
The type of this poster, INDIA definitizes the identity of this image. That is reinforced by the indian man with traditional towel on his head. The pastel colors make this mysterious.
This is one of the restaurant sign in China. The Chinese character of this restaurant name seems to be scrawled. This is highlitened by LED of blue and is in harmony with the emblem.
This is interesting. The birth of twice allude to the step in baking of bread. The letters of TWICE and BAKED has colors of rainbow. This is a meaning anchorage of this image and illustrate that.
We learned the Hangeul typography in our class, so I search more. 석봉 is the famous calligrapher in 조선 dynasty. We can see both 한글 and chinese character. These are neat.
I think this seems to be painting rather than character. Especially, curved lines are well-expressed. Because the characters are small, we can feel the beauty of the blank.
These are the chinese chracters of "left" and "right". The left side represents the character of "right". The right side does one of "left". This is made of fabric with dyed thread. That is impressive
This is the bundle of the English words. Since this does not have the order, it looks very complicated and buzzy. The artist wants to express the white room with these texts.
This is another chinese sign of restaurant. 3,6,9 is translated to their characters. At this time, the red color is used. Maybe, this is the remarkable color in night.
This is written by King Sukjong, one of the king in 조선 dynasty. This is organized in vertical order. I can feel the drop of the words. Vertical bar in words is longer than other masterpieces.
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