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Art history assignment- Sherron Spencer

I like this painting because depending on how you look at it, you may see numerous objects. But for one it could really just be an awesome pattern.
I like this painting mostly because of the color. Im not even sure what the object in the middle is but I like it nonetheless.
This seems like one of those pictures that phycologist ask their patients about what they see. It like the blend of dark colors and grass like things. But its not green so I don't think its grass.
I really like impressionism art. This probably isn't the best example of it but I love seeing what people can create on a sheet of paper.
I don't even know who this guy is but he looks like an important gentleman. I love the way his red and white matches each other. Along with the delicate patterns on his clothing.
I really like this painting. The building looks as though it could be in Greece or Rome. The clothing of the people is really detailed as well.
The person in the picture obviously isn't in the best position in their life but its a good way to go out with a portrait drawn of you. The colors fit nicely and the bright red is phenomenal
This is probably the most epic flamingo Ive ever seen. I like the feathers. The background is also really well-made. The colors all fit nicely and look natural.
An open landscape but the detail doesn't seem to be focused right in front of the painting for me. I immediately look in the background where there seems to be a fire.
This is one of the best ceiling paintings in my opinion. The colors are really amazing and the fact that its on the ceiling multiplies that.
Im not sure what this is which is why I chose it. the brown, tan, and green al fit nicely together and resembles the same camouflage the military uses it.
I love flowers. I love how each different flower is color-coded and it kind of separates them even those they're all in the same vase.
This is not the happiest picture although it packs a lot of meaning behind it. The era in which people were announced of being a witch and a lot of women were burned alive.
This picture reminds me of water. I like how each piece looks a bit like a puzzle and the artist put it all together.
the most simple painting but still really really good. The perspective is a little off but it still gets the point across of a bedroom.
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