McAndrew 2 Romantic Art

The Romantic era is notable for its attention to nature, supernatural events and characters, and its exploration of emotion. The movement was a response to the Enlightenment Era as well as the Age of Industrialization. Many of its leaders believed in the value of spirituality over reason. They believed that emotion was an important part of the human spirit and consequentially portrayed this in their art and literature.

Corot was renowned for his ability to capture nature in breathtaking landscape paintings. This fascination with nature was one of the strongest characteristics of the period. The attention to detail in the trees as well as the shrubs that surrounded it is a notable feature of this piece. The apparent isolation of the woman combined with the gentleness of the nature surrounding her provokes a certain burst of emotion from the viewer.
Unlike the previous piece, this painting captures the emotional side of Romanticism rather than the natural one. The subject of the painting is a woman which we assume has been working at home collecting water for her family. She is not dressed like someone of higher class, so we can guess that she may struggle with poverty and conclude that hard work is something that she has to be familiar with in order to survive. Her facial expression and body language suggests that she is worn out and possibly hopeless that life will ever get better. Lower class people during the Industrious and Industrial Revolution suffered from similar problems.
This piece of art combines the Romantic characteristics of both emotion and nature. The washed up people on the beach are huddling together and recollecting themselves after having just battled a storm at sea. The pale colors of the beach contrasts with the darker colors over the water and suggests a certain threatening nature of the sea.
In this painting, Turner depicts a sunset ending the day in a damp region in the countryside. Two men sit in the corner, possibly fishing for glass or filling their bottles to get something to drink. The soft colors of the sunset draws a certain humbling feeling of a somber and tired loneliness while also fulfilling the natural aspect of Romanticism with the attention to detail in the trees on the bank.
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