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This photograph was taken from a Chevrolet car advertisement in the early 1930's by Gordon H. Burt Ltd. Being a "motorhead" (which you've probably already heard more than once before) I had to link something to my fascination. Its amazing to think that something this simple would sell cars back in the 1930's when compared to today's "sex sells" style ads.
I was immediately drawn to this piece when it appeared at first that a group of tribal Indians was attacking the photographer. Of course, then I read the title. "Arrernte welcoming dance, entrance of the strangers" taken by Walter Baldwin Spencer and Francis J GIllen in 1901. Even though I was upset about my initial reaction, its warming to see a group of strangers welcomed into an environment with open arms even when outnumbered. (Speculation)
Yet again, another picture that reminded me of back road drives in my car. These are the one's I enjoyed the most. The combination of the breeze coming in the open windows, and the bumps in the road really make me feel like I'm lost. This picture titled "Five Mile Avenue, Forty Mile Bush" by James Bragge in 1875 had me thinking that cars were hardly around during this time. This trail was probably used for horses and buggies for transport of goods between villages. Regardless, I fell in love with this picture; especially the man who although is without a car, still stimulates what I do.
"Gathering Waterlilies" was taken by Peter Henry Emerson in 1886. This photograph brought me to a peaceful place. The sun beating down on you, the breeze rushing through your hair, and the water right there below. Living on a lake in the summer. this picture wants the water to hurry and warm up so I can explore it!
"Fork" was taken by Andre Kertesz in 1928. This picture is by far the most simple in my entire museum, yet I still wanted to display it. Why? To be honest, it made me hungry, but also make me appreciate the fork more so than ever before. The thought of how difficult eating particular foods forkless seems wanted me to push this message across to everybody and ask them to take a step back briefly.
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