Blue and symmetry 

I chose this piece because of the way that the blue in the piece contracts with the red, and the way that the lines running vertically create a sort of symmetry to it.
I liked this piece a lot because of how the stair formation looks like it is made of glass with an ocean trapped inside. Also it is blue.
I chose this one as well because it also appears to be a glass structure, but inside is a sort of stage in the middle of it which is surrounded by clear blue water.
Another piece I chose by the same artist because I like the way that these look like that are made of glass and contain crystal clear blue water inside of them.
I chose this piece because of the asymmetric design on it, and the contrast between the blue and the white.
I chose this because it is blue, and I liked the intricate pattern, and the amount of detail put into it.
I chose this because I liked the use of turquoise to plate the front and eyes of the skull.
I liked this because of how it symbolizes emotions, and it shows symmetry between the layers of skin and muscle.
I chose this because it shows the colors of fall, and it made me reminisce of living in Colorado where the aspen trees turn a golden color at the start of fall.
I chose this because I love to look up at the moon at night, and the feeling that I get when I look at it on those clear nights.
I chose this because I liked the dark blue, and the asymmetric look because of the dark line through the middle.
I chose this because the paint strokes remind me of a flock of birds.
This piece I chose because this is one of my favorite paintings by Van Gogh because I love looking at the night sky and seeing the countless stars shining.
I chose this because I enjoy drawing various animal skulls, especially ones with antlers such as elk or deer, because it reminds me of when I would go hunting with my uncles in Colorado as a kid.
Credits: All media
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