Elements of art

Google Art Project by Tai Pham       

This picture is an example of color. This drawing caught my attention with its amazing color. It uses a mixture of bight and dull colors.
I'm using this picture as an example of lines. By using lines for the fence post and roads it creates an illusion of space.
I'm using this picture to show shapes. This picture is simple and geometric.
I'm using this picture to represent texture. By putting in holes it makes the surface look rough.
This picture has a lot of value in it. It uses value to show it being 3 dimensional. The value is also used to create realism and contrast
I used this picture as an example of space. This picture uses lines on the runway to show distance and space.
I used this painting to show form and volume. It shows weight and size by using the water and planes.
Credits: All media
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