Elements of art

Starry Night used curvy lines to make it look windy, and straight lines to make the stars look the brightest. Starry Night used space by making the tree bigger telling me it must be the closest to me.
The Memory of Nature used straight lines that go in all directions to make it look like real grass. The piece also showed value by using both a really light blue, a light blue, and a dark blue.
Study of Pink Hollyhocks Sunlight, from Nature uses value by using various shades of green, pink, white, and blue. This piece also used color by using analogous colors (blue and green).
Cohesion-Apple used form by shaping the apple in more of a sphere shape. It also shaped the stem like a cylinder. The artist used color by the bright red color of the apple.
Ready-to-Wear used many shapes. It mostly used organic shapes, but it did also use geometric shapes. It also used value by adding both a light blue and a dark blue to the piece.
Credits: All media
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