The photos in here are religion based because I find religion to be one of the most interesting and controversial topics out there. Art is also very subjective depending on the viewer. Mixing the two things together has always been something I've liked so heres my gallery.

This is a painting of a wax sculpture of the praying hands. I couldn't really find much on this piece but, honesty I thought this was a picture of a sculpture. the symbolism behind this is amazing.
I really Like this oil painting because this isn't just a christian religious piece. This is a pice that can bring together a polish jew beautifully painting about the son of god all in one sentence.
This piece is one of my favorites in the gallery because it it has a story behind it that corresponds with the stories in bibles and other religious books.I really like how the artist depicted Jesus.
I like how the artist made jesus the most vibrant part of the painting by making all the dead a white/grey color. It really fits the theme because Jesus freeing the dead is a big part of the religion
I like the contrast between santa catalina and the Background. The colors that were used on her really just seem to pop compared to everything else, but the baby also has a similar brightness to it.
I added this here because There seem to be many different types of crosses out of many different materials and from the ones I can see, the detail and precision on them looks incredible
This Piece is the shiniest Piece I've seen yet. It Immediately caught my eye as I was looking for a piece and I like how its very good paintings that stand out more than the metal stuff surrounding it
The depth in this looks extremely real.There is a lot of atmospheric perspective and still a lot of detail with it as well. This belong in this gallery because crucifixions really tie it all together
In this, The Virgin Mary is wearing the iconic red and blue close which star out more than anything and she has jesus with her. This is more or less the same thing i see ever year around Christmas.
Ive never seen a painting of The Virgin Mary where she wears all black while holding her living baby Jesus before. The colors really caught my attention and I believe It ties this all in a realistic way
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