Vincent van Gogh

This tour through his works available from 1882 until 1890 lets you see the progression of his form until he finally realizes what has become the most distinctive and beautiful style of all the Impressionists. He starts off an accomplished artist but has nothing setting him apart from anyone else. He had a very accurate hand that many do not realize when they see his later works. You see this clearly in his early works and in his sketch work. His control and attention to detail allowed him to paint weaving looms with great detail. He used this skill even when his paint grew thicker and the brushes wider. His effort to communicate what he was feeling to the viewer was so important that there was no mistake in the placement of his brush. Every bend, rise, twist, and fall of paint in what can only be described as a sculpture on canvas is meant to bend our emotions along with our eyes. Even the portraits he did near the end of his life had so much more than the image of the subject in them. The background seems to become alive as you look at it and the subject only a player in the scene. His gift was never realized by the public in his short life but other artists became aware of his work and were influenced by it in the next 20 years. Then the rest of the world would discover him. To this day his works are some of the most valuable paintings ever sold at auction and rarely ever coming up for sale.

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