This Gallery is a Representation of the Life Events and Death of Jesus Christ as told by Artists using color, through paintings. (1457-1857)

In the piece the artist depicts Jesus as a 12 year old. preaching in the temple, showing that even as a child, he was making his spiritual impact on the world by spreading his knowledge to his people
In this piece The artist depicts Jesus angrily casting the merchants out of the temple after he had returned to find the merchants using the sacred temple for non religious acts.
In this piece the artist depicts The Holy Family. We see the mother looking proudly at the child (Jesus) and the Father leaning over to receive the cross Jesus is presenting to him.
In this piece the artist depicts The Virgin Mary grieving the death of her son, Jesus. The artist shows the sorrow on her face, and the physical effects on Jesus as a result of his crucifixion.
In this piece the artist depicts Jesus praying to his Father,God. We see an Angel that represent that his prayer is being heard. The artist uses bright colors on the subjects and a dark background.
In this piece the artist depicts how much adoration the shepherds had for the new born king, Jesus. We see all looking at the baby. The artist places emphasis on the baby with the bright color white.
In this piece the artist depicts Jesus and his Disciples gathered together of the last supper. We see Jesus seated at the center of the table. all the rest are looking at him, he seems to be speaking.
In this piece the artist depicts Jesus washing the disciples feet. We see Jesus kneeling down with one of the disciples feet in a bucket of water. The artist emphasis the subjects using sharp colors.
In this piece the artist depicts the nailing of Jesus to the cross. We see The Roman solders nailing Jesus' hands and feet to the cross while witnesses and on lookers watch from close and far back.
In this piece the artist depicts the crucifixion of Jesus. We see dead Jesus on the cross. A person is on the top of a ladder, appearing to be getting ready to take his body down from the cross.
Credits: All media
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