The Art of Natural Life Collection

My name is Patrick Nichols. I have made this gallery full of artworks made by artists who were surrounded or impacted by nature itself. These artworks have shown some of the principles of art and has drawn my attention toward the feeling of nature such as one of the inspiring artists like Alan Magee. Experience these artworks and it's artists and how these art express nature.

This artwork's material of using sand with detailed work caught my eyes. From where this shot was taken, it shows three-point perspective from an angle this artwork is shown.
Nature comes in many forms. I can't think of the detail that was driven for this tree. But it feels that this tree, like some tree, can be shown in such awkward forms by its negative space.
This artwork shows textures. It show that all the leaves that we usually think seem to be in perfect conditions. Like age, day by day, the leaves slowly rot away. Like most things are in nature.
This artwork has shown great detail of atmosphere perspective in value. Sometimes, when we see grass their shading can be shown as negative for other grass around themselves. This piece feel natural.
This artwork's shot was taken from a good angle that represent the one-point linear perspective. Trees from both sides goes down to the center. The horizon that shown across thought the middle.
This artwork's style represent the culture of where Li Kuchan is from. The silhouette of the eagle stands out as emphasis while there are some atmospheric perspective shown in the back.
I can see that the value and texture of this artwork has really drawn my eyes to the painting. This artwork gives the viewers the feeling of the nature's presence in this painting
The stars in the sky as the mountains in the foreground block their light. Giving the light shown from the trains are the emphasis of this painting. This artwork also show some atmospheric perspective
The style for this artwork represent impressionism. The artist's choices of color gives forth the feeling of nature. The value of shading shown is always what makes the flowers stands out.
Not only this painting shows great atmospheric perspective, but it is a great example painting for space and depth. This painting can give you feeling of a adventure just waiting to be told.
Credits: All media
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