Elements and Principles of Art

LINE I chose this drawing to represent line in the Musee d'Orsay collection because of the intricate lines creating the detail in the tomb and the wall in the background.
LINE I chose this photograph for line because it's combines organic lines created by nature and the straight, rigid lines that the artist made.
VALUE I chose The Balcony because of the high- key contrast between that ladies dresses and the background while within the background, you can see duller details that create low-key contrast.
VALUE I chose this photograph for value because of the high-key contrast of the shadow created by the design in the chair.
COLOR I chose The Rue Montorgueil in Paris, Celebration of June 30th, 1878, the strips of color show that several french flags the are waving in celebration.
COLOR I chose this photograph for color because the scattered vibrant clothing makes the picture feel chaotic.
SHAPE I chose Bedroom in Arles for shape because the flat colors and simple lines clearly define both real and organic shapes.
SHAPE I chose Mudam's Studio Design photograph because of the many real and organic shapes that woodworks create.
TEXTURE I chose this photograph from the "Chewing in Venice" collection for texture because smoothness and consistency of the material used is done in a way to make it look like gum.
TEXTURE The brush strokes in the painting helping emphasize the texture of the and grass.
PATTERN I chose this photograph for pattern because of the repeated green bottles
PATTERN The reflection of the flowers and the design that frames the piece is a example of pattern.
SPACE I chose this Photograph for space because of how the the building takes up a little over half of the photograph.
SPACE I chose this painting for space because I think street art and graffiti in general represents how someone can utilize space. In this piece, the artist uses perspective to their advantage
FORM I chose this sculpture for form because of the feeling of being trapped that's provided by it's 3-dimensional form.
FORM I chose this sculpture for form because of the way the hand looks like it's coming out of water because of the way is was sculpted.
MOVEMENT I chose Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette because a.) the title and b.) the many different people involved in different activities very clearly show movement.
BALANCE I chose this photograph because the placement of the man with the background
UNITY I chose this photograph because of the picture frames and postures create unity without them all looking the same. The globes on the floor make the room look unique, while still being unified.
VARIETY I chose this picture for variety because of the combination of different shapes, textures, and colors.
EMPHASIS I chose "The Scream" for emphasis because the abstract way that Edvard Munch painted the subject draws the viewer in.
PROPORTION I chose The Starry Night for proportion because the tree in the foreground helps make the town feel further away.
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