Nature's Finest - Lauren Sweet

This gallery showcases the finest examples of nature's textures and tones at the mercy of a paintbrush.

Vincent Van Gogh preferred to capture raw emotion and spirituality through portraits of landscape rather than literal religious depictions. The thick strokes, swimming lines, and cool, yet pulsating colors of "The Olive Trees" (inspired by the orchards in which he resided while in Provence) makes this one significant example of Van Gogh's skill for capturing the surreal, yet vivid tranquility of embracing nature.
Claude Monet employed a frugal use of oil paint in this portrait to create a wistful haze, which was a very untraditional style at the time. The soft strokes and blended reflections capture a warmness and nostalgia that can be appreciated as a whole. Monet spent years at this pond perfecting his water landscapes before finally choosing the water lilies as his focal point, birthing this famous painting.
This depiction of the infamous shipwreck of the SS Admella captures the magnificent chaos of the ocean. The frightening depth of the water is only interrupted by the aggressive and choppy waves, painted with a brilliant array of greens and blues. A dark, looming cloud in an otherwise calm and candied sky hangs above the scene, tying together the fearsome and majestic event.
Albert Bierstadt captures the awe and grandeur of nature in this dramatic depiction of a Colorado valley. The viewer is engulfed by the panoramic view much like lake, and subsequently the mountains, are engulfed by the thunderous clouds above. Through the center of the valley, a devastating contrast is created as one side of the mountain is illuminated by warm, enchanting light that casts shadows on each cliff’s peak and fall, while the other sits in a pool of sinister darkness.
This portrait of Wyoming embraces the dry, hazy tones of the desert like a memory. Every shade of red and orange is used to round out rocks, sharpen crags, and flatten plateaus. The painting would be bleak if it were not for the amount of depth employed. Each mound, bluff, and cliff is its own crumbly shade of reddish orange to create an image complex with texture.
This unique portrait captures a more desolate region of Italy while using colors that are cool and inviting. Deep, thick strokes are used to depict a scenery that is not barren or jagged, but calm and simplistic. Although this part of Italy receives little rain, the rich blues and greens tell that the environment does not truly suffer from it. Lettl depicts this portrait of his home with fondness and generosity.
This contemplative painting depicts an ocean of mountains sitting quietly under a soft layer of fog, juxtaposed against a bluff of thick brush and forestry. The mountains almost look like a series of waves about to slide beneath the cliff to send the entire mass of land adrift. Friedrich employed a very skillful use of shading to create texture and distinguish different elements of land in this image.
The sky is ablaze in this portrait of Florida’s wetlands, light bursting through the cracks of the sky as the water reflects its fire. The intensity of the sunset consumes the scenery, rebelling against the blues and grays of the impending night. White cranes are plastered distinctly against the warm colors while the greenery in the landscape's forefront calmly borders the image. All of these techniques unify the serenity and passion of the scene.
This unique portrait of an Australian forest employs an incredibly impressive use of texture and fine lines. The foliage is painstakingly sharp and defined; each sprig of fern can be counted. The entire color wheel of green has been exhausted in this image, each plant claiming its own brilliant shade of the color. The magnificence of the woods is captured with such definition and perspective, overshadowing the men gawking below and the riverbed they are camped beside.
This simple oil painting depicts the depth and subtle beauty of a bushel of flowers. A bush of stems and leaves swim around the faces of these marigolds, creating a beautiful green throne that boasts the blossoms. Circular brushstrokes paint the rich oranges, yellows, and reds of the flowers’ simple, yet lovely faces.
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