Islamic Art

When we look at different art pieces from different cultures whether it be in the states or thousand of miles across the see in the middle east or even in the central and south American countries it is with out to say that each artist and each art piece is not only a masterpiece but a true expression of that artist. Now as I look at all the art work from the Islamic religion and culture you can see that they have such and eye for thing s that a normal person would envy of such treasure and would do anything that way they can have it. Islamic art tends to have a lot of gold involved in the art piece whether it be a painting a sculptor or a jewelry they all have some type of gold included in it so they show how they are very intrigued by the gold maybe it is the color or maybe it is just because Gold is so pure that it is something that everyone wants to have in their life from the smallest portion of Gold to the shown so others will be able to value how pure it is. Also Islamic art is so pure that it just takes in what is around them and they are put into masterpieces. A simple vase that we would just pass up the Islamic heritage makes them in to beautiful pieces of art that makes people not only stop and look at them but make they want to have it so you see that they do not take everything that we take for granted they are more in tune with how simplicity is just right for art pieces but Islamic art has so many forms and features that it hard to pick just one thing that might be the best of Islamic art

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