The Pink Effect

This gallery is to show and describe the effect that painters tend to create by using a lighter pink in their artworks.                                                                                          - Kelsey Hoefling

The pink in this woman's dress is used to give the clothe a silky smooth fabric.
The pinks and oranges give the sky a soft warm feeling.
The girl in the light pink dress has more of an innocence to her that the other woman in the painting.
This painting portrays an image of an older lady knitting. Her soft pink dress makes her looks harmless, warm, and gentle. 
The pink dress that the young lady is dressed in makes her seem innocent and gentle. Pink is seen as a sweet color and used it in the dress to portray her personality.
Despite the bright vibrant colors of the flowers, the soft pink clothe makes the flowers still maintain a soft look and texture.
Even with the dark dull surroundings, the lady still looks warm and soft with pink and warmer colors. 
Everything in the painting has a white tone to it and the woman is dressed in a soft pink making her appear more gentle and approachable.
The pink tones in her skin and her dress make her look softer. 
This is another painting of a girl in a pink dress. She too is given the sweet gently look like the others. If she were to be wearing a dark deep purple dress, her personality would appear completely different than the use of the pink.
The pink dress in this painting makes the woman's physique look softer.
Pink flowers tend to have a soft texture due to the color and the light that the flowers pick up.
The pink candle in this painting gives the meal a more romantic and soothing feel.
The ground appears softer and more pleasing to look at with the light pink tones mixed in with the earthy colors.
The use of pink in this sea  painting gives a calm feel to the water as if it was slow moving and early in the calm day.
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