art elements

BY: Katie Fleming

Line- the artist used line to connect the buttons of the jacket.
Color- multiple colors to draw your attention to the artwork and create a colorful design.
Value- the value in the background of the vase becomes brighter and more vivid as the blue color travels upward.
Form- the artist used the illusion by using shading techniques in the sky and also the grass and trees to make more of a scary, bad weathered artwork.
Space-the artist created a hole in the artwork to represent negative space and positive space in the real piece.The artwork pops when the negative space is reveled and makes the piece more life like.
Texture- Implied texture because the artist implies the soft feel of the smooth rocking chair.
Shape- there are a lot of spaces in this piece of artwork. Inside of the body, of the artwork includes shapes that are organic shapes and sometimes non- perfect shapes that draw your attention.
Credits: All media
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