Review of Elements of Art and Design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Haley

I see curved and straight lines. inside the shapes, circle and four organic shapes, it looks like there are continuous lines. There is no space between the objects, they overlap each other.
This artwork uses value by giving light to the places where the light hits the water and plants. There also is color by it all having colors between green and blue.
There is a lot of texture because the flowers look very soft and fresh while the insects look either fuzzy or soft. The flowers have bright colors while the insects have dull colors.
This artwork has color by giving the oranges their orange color and the leaves a green and the sky blue with white clouds. There also is form from the cylinder shape the oranges have.
There is value because the darker places show where plate and the vase are dark and light from where the light hits it. The objects don't touch but the vase is in front creating a fore and background.
Credits: All media
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