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"Every Age projects its own image in its arts." The Realistic art period is a fine example of this. This style of art lasted from around 1850-1880. This period focused on one major subject, social problems of the time. This brought about true feelings on what was actually occurring in society. Realism in art and the entire Realistic period definitely projected its image into its arts and focused on the problems of society and those of the people living in it.                                                                                             The two artists in my gallery are; Millet and Daumier

This is definitely a Realistic art period painting. This is clear because it has a far grittier look to it and focuses on the social events of the time. This painting features two peasants, who are most likely poor, headed to work in the fields. Most peasants would work either in factories or in agriculture and could afford very little.
This piece by Millet features a peasant spreading manure on the field in order to aid in crop growth. This painting is not quite as gritty as the others of the time, however it can be seen as realistic because of the focus on the social life of the poor workers.
This painting is clearly realistic and the usual gritty quality about it. This is a painting of two peasants standing in the field to work, who are pausing to say a prayer. For more information and opinions you should watch the YouTube video above.
This painting is one of the famous Realistic pieces. This painting depicts an uprising of the poor peasants and the middle class, who were very unhappy with the governments of their time. These people would have most likely been socialist and would have believed that they as the workers are the heart of the nation's economy. This painting has a dark feel to it and is sandy and fuzzy in nature like most realistic pieces were.
This painting is extremely gritty like almost all other realistic paintings. This piece shows a huge crowd in the background with a woman and a baby in the foreground. The crowd in the background is most likely a mob or a small riot, because at this time many people were unhappy with their governments.
This painting from the realistic time period depicts a woman and a child walking in the streets of the city carrying larges piles of laundry. This is accurate of the time period, that woman is most likely poor and in order to support her young child she must take up work cleaning other peoples clothes. This painting also has the gritty nature of most other realistic paintings.
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