Nature from the top of a peak to the meadows below - Erica Williams

This gallery is a look at oil paintings that depict great mountain scenes and the natural area around them. It is focused in realism and modern times. This collection is also focused on light and the way it brings nature alive. The collection is also built around real depictions rather than abstract ones. I highlighted 3 types of paintings. Ones that play on light, Ones that are dark, and ones that include additional subjects with mountains making a dramatic backdrop.

The first picture is a light selection. It showcases a mountain and meadow. It is a real depiction of the subject and uses oil painting. The elements of saturation and contrast are apparent.
My second light based selection also adds movement. This is of a Mountain and a stream. The colors that are showcase through light make it seem not real even though it is a very literal painting.
This light selection of mountains with trees and a lake is all about color and saturation. It takes its medium of oil and has depth and texture. The Lake is flat and has a feeling of traveling beyond.
My first dark selections is of a volcano and the lava and water below. Its focus is the volcano but the colors and textures showcases the dark emotion of living such an event.
This dark selection is of a sunrise/sunset behind a mountain and valley. Great use of color contrast and texture. The shapes in the clouds and the movement are also felt.
This one is sort of a play on dark and light. This depiction of a mountain with a storm rolling in. There are shapes and lines to this as well as contrast and a high black point. The light adds to it.
The first of my mountain ranges with another subject, in this a train. The depth and texture in this painting is amazing. The mountains are light and as you come fwd to the foreground it darkens.
This is my favorite painting of a mountain in the back and a homestead in the front. The balance and contrast is amazing and i love all the moments of different images and subjects with similar color.
This light filled mountain in the background and the ocean with the trail and people in the front has a lot of depth. It speaks of saturation and light filled backdrop and texture and contrast upfront
Credits: All media
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