Turtle by Alicia.E

The theme of my exhibition is Turtles I chose this theme because I really like turtles and would like to know more about them.In curating this exhibition I chose the various artworks based on the subject matter of turtles.I also looked for artworks that showed turtles habitats that included water,shells,fish and seaweed. In this exhibition the audience can expect to see artworks that are about Turtles,shells and water.This theme can be seen in the sculpture “Two headed turtle with removable shell” artwork because it is an artwork with an actual turtle in it. Another artwork where you see the theme is “Royal Seal with Knob in the Form of a Turtle”because it is also an actual turtle.Finally the artwork “Two pink shells” shows the theme of turtles because turtles have a shell on their back and this artwork is a shell. I hope people really enjoy this exhibition and all the different types of artworks.  My show was sponsored by petbarn and I  thank them.

POST MODERN https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=x-E-VupYscE
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