Timmy's Colonial American Arts and Culture Gallery

There is many things back in colonial times that we still have but have modified. In this gallery, it will show you some things that we still have or use to have that were valuable to the colonies.

Quill pens were very valuable but usually only lasted a week if you were lucky. They were made out of feathers. Swan feathers were the best but no one wanted to approach a swan. You would stick the tip in hot sand to harden the point then sharpen it with a knife. They were very valuable because writing was the only way to communicate back in colonial times.
A horn book was pretty much a sheet of paper stuck to a piece of wood. It was made out of wood,bone,leather,stone, and paper. There was also a transparent sheet layer protecting it.There was usually always a handle to hold on to it. This art was valued because it was important to a children's education since they didn't have books like we do now.You could teach them the alphabet with it or counting numbers.
Pomander were small pouches or cases that held sweet smelling spices. They were used to ward off illness and demons.They were also used because ladies wanted the house to smell good if they were in there the whole day and sometimes it smelled after they cooked fish or something like that.
Colonial paper money is an example of something we have modified. It started on regular paper.A printer was used and sometimes stamps and quill pens. It was used for exchanging. They would give it to a store that has supplies and get an item in return. There were many different bills back then including a 100,000 dollar bill.The amount each bill symbolized was printed on the bill.
Swords were used for protection and war purposes. It is metal branded into a usually thin sharp-edged "stick." There is many metals swords can be made out of, like gold. Gold swords were usually for high-ranked people though.Old swords were usually short but some were long. The silver was melted then branded while it was soft into sword form.
A powder horn was used as a container for gun powder. It was usually created from cow,ox, or buffalo horn.You would hollow out the inside. This was valued because if you ran out of gun powder during an urgent situation, there was extra in the horn.Powder horns were usually decorated and engraved.
Colonial lottery tickets were very different from the ones we have now. They were made out of paper, pen, sometimes stamps, and a printer. You bought the ticket with a chance of earning a prize. This art was valued because the first ticket was made in 1744, before the colonies were their own country. The government valued this because they made money off it.
There is so many items silver was made of in colonial times and in our times like silverware, weapons, and coins. Silversmiths usually make items made out of silver. They melt it and shape it into almost any shape they want. Silversmith tools are silver, spoon, hammer, tongs, stakes, sledge hammer, and an anvil. This was valued because silver could be shaped into many useful things that make life easier.
Colonial musical instruments were usually made out of wood, strings, plastic, metal, and stone. They were used to make music and earn money. Music was helpful because it helped people calm down in times of war, like the Revolutionary War. It also helped with school. Most instruments were made in factories.
Although this is a powder horn, this is also an example of an engraving. The materials you needed depended on the surface you engraved on. For most surfaces, you would just need a knife. You would have an idea about a design and carve it onto your surface. To make it easier, your surface was usually flat. This was valued because it was a hobby to some people and art was popular in colonial times and still is.
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