THe Beauty in MOVement _ Meaghan O'Brien 

This gallery displays the  different ways arts's  bring to live and capture the beauty on movement and  rethoum within dance. 

Ballerinas Figure Dance is a beautiful painting that depicts two ballerinas in the middle of dancing. Katy Medvedeva uses the shape of the ballerina’s arms and legs to show the movement and flow of the dance. Medvedeva uses lines as well to depict music. The waves in the lines on their dresses show the movement in their tootos.
The Little Dancer By Paul Kolnik is a beautiful picture of Yung Marie and Company in a production of the musical Little Dancer. Paul Kolnik captured the moment of the women Leap perfectly. Her arms are out stretched and in a frame over her head with her legs in a split. He uses the shadows and the position of her legs and arms to show the movement in the dance.
Emst Lundwig created Six Dancers and was created with oil paint on canvas. To move your eye across the canvas to create a sense of movement in the piece she used the placement of the girls and where they are pointing as well as their height. The girls get taller as they go down the line. Another way Lundwig creates movement in this piece is in the shape of the legs and toes. He has the girls with bent legs and pointed toes like they are in the middle of a jump.
Is a performance photo of the Trisha Brown Dance Company performing “Opal Loop/Cloud Installation #72503; Son of Gone Fishin’; Solo Olos; Rogues" taken by Ian Douglas. Movement was created in this piece buy the use of the shadows and light in the smoke and the shape of the dancers and the space between them.
In this Drawing of “Dancers” by Edgar Degas there are two women dancing in some sort of wooded area. Degas uses the lines in his strokes to indicate movement.
The drawing of a group of dancers called “In Vaudeville (Dancer with Chorus)” was created by Charles Demuth. Demuth used circular shapes and angles to show the movement of the Dance.
“ Alvin Ailey Dance Company” is a picture of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company in the midst of a production. The position of the body’s of the dancer is what creates the sense of movement. The male’s arms are out wide and the women are holding on to the male on her toes.
Edger Degas created a drawing of the ballerinas in the midst of stretching “ Dancers in Repose”. Degas uses shadowing to imply movement
This is a picture of an Alvin Ailey dancer Keith McDaniel. The shape of his body is what indicates movement in this piece. His arms are stretched out and his legs are bent in a jumping motion.
This is a photo by Lan Douglas of a performance of "Opal Loop/Cloud Installation #72503; Son of Gone Fishin’; Solo Olos; Rogues". The lighting and the poses of the dancers arms behind them and knees to chest indicate movement.
Credits: All media
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