Light Landscapes

I love the light landscapes because there is not much color to them but they have so much detail. They are an inspiration to me. The landscapes are breathtaking. To me they are detailed so well that they look real. That is why I like these landscapes.

I like how the ice has formed like this almost to look like mountains.
I like how the mountains have contrast like there is shaded areas.
I like how the farther back the mountains get, the darker they get.
I like how the put the mountain mirroring off of the water.
I like how the orange rock stands out.
I like all of the different shades of green in the trees and grass.
I like how there is only 2-3 colors in this piece but they just use different shades.
I like how the city or building is blended in with the ground.
I like how they added so much detail in the landscape.
I like how this piece is so simple but good. No color just shading.
Credits: All media
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