Oooo....This Feels Nice

Texture in art is the realistic appearance/illusion of a substance or surface; When you look at the art piece you should be able to imagine what it feels like. The following 17 pictures are pieces that I looked at and felt like I could "feel" them. 

I chose this picture to be first into this gallery because it shows many of the things you'll find texture on in art; hair, fabrics, and nature (plants and things of that sort).
I like this picture because in my opinion this was one of the best textured pictures I came across in my search. The wool on the sheep, and the snow are amazingly done.
This is my favorite picture in this gallery. I chose it because it's a gun covered in (iThink) yarn. So you have this hard metal feel under a soft and itchy texture. It makes me laugh.
Texture is all about detailing with colors and lights to make the illusion of what something feels like. I can feel the skin of the orange and the pedals on the flowers.
I believe this image is impressionism and I love the fact that despite that I still can feel the snow and the cold flurrying around in it.
I like this picture because you can see the texture of the moss on the books from afar but when you zoom all the way in it morphs to look kinda like a mass of graffiti art.
I put this picture in here because to me it shows how light effects texture. You can tell the blue/green shirt is a different material than the burgundy colored shirt because of how the latter shines.
What really made me chose this picture was the butter. Look at the detail of it. You can see the cut marks from the knife that went through it. You can tell what all the food feels like here.
This picture is amazingly detailed and you can feel the shiny parts of the dress because of that. The pillow with the tassel behind her left hand (right side of the picture) is also well textured.
I can feel the fur on that mule's face and the fluff on the bunnies. I chose this picture because it's entertaining to look at and depicts well texture on fur.
I chose this picture because I liked the fact that I could see the paint brush stroke and the detail to her hair and the water. I can imagine what her hair feels like.
Everything in this picture has a feel to it, even the clouds.
I can tell by the implied texture that both the Angel and Joseph have very smooth and soft hair. The skin on St. Joseph's face is also well textured. Look at those wrinkles.
I feel like I could run my hand through this sand right now. You can see the grainy texture/nature of the sand as you zoom in and that's what made me put this painting in this gallery.
This woman has really soft skin and hair, and a very light and soft dress on. I can tell all that because of well done texture.
I sincerely thought this was a photograph at first but it just a very well textured and well detailed painting. You can feel the bark on the tree and the dirt of the winding road.
I can feel the age on the woman with the red head dress. The clothes and the field are well textured. If you zoom in to the cows in the back right, the rocks behind them are textured well too.
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