QUinTEssential Renaissance

By Joshua Banthrum and Jacob Boyer

| A religious painting | | Has the pope inside |
| A lot of horse riding was done in this era | | The clothing/armor that the people are wearing |
| Shows the realism that deeply influenced that time period | | Very detailed to show as much skill to the creator as possible |
| Shows how the wealthy people of the time dined with others | | Shows a sketch of the lives of wealthy people |
| There was a lot of sculpting done | | Shows a man victorious in battle |
| Shows the realism that impacted the time | | Shows how sculpting was used and respected |
| Shows religious aspects of art | | Shows that realism was used, even in sketches |
| Again shows the realism that was used in many of this age's works | | Shows realism in sketches |
| Shows realism in paintings | | Shows the time and effort that was put into works like this |
| Shows a saint fighting a demon from the Otherworld (dragon) | | Shows the religion that was greatly used in the art of this time period |
Credits: All media
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