I like this painting because of the blending of blue shapes with the red.
I love how the blue is used as sort of a shadow and brings a sense of calmness to this mess.
I choose this painting because of the way the curves in the lines seem to mimic water flowing. It feels peaceful.
I choose this because of the way the artist incorporated different shades of blue.
I choose this painted because I loved how he painted the water with simple strokes to make it feel alive.
I choose this because it makes me wonder why he choose to paint the background almost the same color as his shirt.
This paintings is one of my favorites. I love how he used such small strokes of different shades of blue and make them into swirls.
This painting makes me feel like I'm in deep thought.
I love how Mann went into depth with her cloths. It seems like it may be some sort of silk maybe? She could be from a wealthy family.
The shade of blue if perfect for the background. It's not to dark.
The color blue seems to represent holiness and being blessed.
The artist incorporated little strokes of blue to give the feeling of concrete and surface.
Koo gave a sense of mystery to a Van Gogh portrait with a little shade of blue to give a feeling of being in the shadows.
I choose this simply because I liked the detail in the ripples in her dress.
Like the other painting the blue represents holiness and tranquility.
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