by Gaby and Sabrina               We chose this theme because we believe it would be interesting, and a good way to understand art better. This exhibit as a whole says that in Abstract, every piece  of art work is different. It could be a bunch of different shapes, lines, or a bursts of color that make no sense, it depends. We have learned that art is special in it's own way and that art is more than just staring at something. There is a story in every piece of work.  http://tinyurl.com/q2gtsxl

This piece of work gives the gallery a calm and settle feeling. The lines that cover the pot create a beautiful design.
This piece contributes to the theme because it is like a burst of emotion that has no thought.
This artwork contributes to our theme because it doesn't look normal.
This piece contributes to our theme because there is no clear purpose or reason.
This artwork goes with our theme because it would take a lot of time to figure out what it is. It is not a sculpture of an apple. that would be easy to figure out.
Credits: All media
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