Where The Power Lies

Femininity and Wealth; Masculinity and the Blue-Collared Man; Poverty and Womanhood 

Take note of the perceived wealth that this woman has. Her outfit is her beauty. Still, her stance is fragile. She is holding on to the wall as she were falling into something.
The epitome of masculinity; here we see a blue collar man working the day away. Although he doesn't seem to have much wealth, he still has an aura of power.
This picture was originally going to be in my burlesque gallery, but I really enjoyed how majestic the woman looked with the man on his kneed. The male-gaze, re-imagined.
Cultural context and strength is also another disconnect for many people. While the girl in poverty seems fragile in the previous picture, these women with guns-- not even looking at the camera do not
The word suffer implied weakness, but even with the title, one cannot help and look at this picture and think "strength".
Here we see a picture from the same year with a female subject, but the message is completely different. One may not know what this woman was doing, but we can assume that she is less wealthy.
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